My name is Dolly and I studied abroad in Bangkok. There, I discovered a passion for fashion and makeup.

I noticed that in Thailand, beauty is highly focused on. Fashion and makeup are an essential part of a Thai girls day. As well as shopping. I wanted to share some of the trends that I found as well as focus on the idea of Asian beauty.

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The result of the previous posted picture of me cooking!!  
Cooking Thai food in Bangkok!!
Found a carriage that looked exactly like Cinderella’s
I’m a sucker for a well-dressed man.
I was told I looked a bit like Hyuna in this picture
I just wanted to play with the corgi!
Had a British tourist pass by as we were taking this picture informing his friend about how corgis are the “Queen’s dog.”
Amateur modeling in Thailand
Enjoying our tea party
Using telekinesis to bend our tea spoons
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